Node Owners

Run your full node with a single line of code.

A myriad of configuration options.

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Connect to a phybr node to extend its capabilities.

Simple API for any technology you like…

… or use our convenience drivers (e.g. NodeJs):

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Easily write your own DLT business logic. Use technology-agnostic API or convenience drivers to create highly flexible “smart contracts”.

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Easily launch your own token.

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Connect your distributed application to a myriad of other projects and applications.

Your app instantly has access to shared, distributed and trusted data from any trust realm you like to interact with.

React to transactions in different trust realms and provide value added with your own solution.

Without contracts, without asking permissions, without limits.

Open Source

for absolute transparency

Open Source

To increase transparency, debugging and allow external innovation, phybr is released under a standard open source license.

Code Coverage

for absolute stability

Testing 100%

To increase stability, quality and understanding of phybr, our aim is to reach a 100% code coverage in our tests.


for absolute understanding


To increase understanding and innovation, the APIs and convenience drivers/ libraries are thoroughly documented.

A powerful network of trust realms

A phybr node’s core is completely agnostic to the distributed ledger and business logic on top. A new “trust realm” (basically a token or a combination of tokens) can be easily added to a node as an extension. This means that every node can decide which types of transactions it can handle.

Every node comes with the integrated “phi” realm with corresponding value tokens. This is a single realm where every node operates, unless disabled. This realm can therefore serve as one possible proxy between different trust realms.

Possible alternative realms could be, for example, “bike rental” or “package delivery” – different token types and relations can reflect any business use-case between entities in the DLT.

Trust realms allow clustering and fragmentation of business use-cases allowing a myriad of different applications, scalability and speed. Furthermore, it opens many business models for node operators to monetize their infrastructure.

For example, nodes that operate in several trust realms can offer exchange services between different token types.

It is also possible for nodes to introduce fees for certain transactions and realms that need higher speed and/or security. Phybr is fee-less per design, but does not restrict business models related to the distributed nodes infrastructure.

Read more about Phybr Trust Realms.

Release Date

We are working hard to launch the open source Phybr technology and the corresponding documentation as soon as possible. The product and its source code will be soon released with a standard open source license. We are working on the whitepaper and the last simulations/tests. Further administrative tasks need to complete before the release. Please register your e-mail address below to stay informed about our progress.

Core Product 90%
Whitepaper 65%
Admin / Paperwork 45%

Investors & Stakeholders

The Phybr project will be soon incorporated in Estonia due to the clear regulations concerning crypto. There will be a unique chance for early investors to participate in the launch.

The business model is based on consulting, licensing of proprietary business solutions, tokens and exchange services. Due to an unprecedented combination of performance, scalability, decentralization and flexibility among the DLTs, we are confident to achieve a continuous growth and a widespread usage in a variety of different projects.

We are already working on the first feasibility studies of specific business use-cases. More information will be published soon.

You can currently reach us via email at office at semkodev dot com.

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